Episode 154 - Cartman Hangs Out After Lodge

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    • Bro. Jeff (or Todd, or Steve . . . henceforth "Cartman") hangs out After Lodge with us
    • There's a mutiny brewing in Worshipful Producer Bruce's Lodge, and it's not even the second month!
    • Our Lodge's shed is gone . . . just gone with the wind
    • Harlan is heading to the National Carnie Convention this weekend
    • Cartman describes why he started hanging out at the After Lodge Lodge
    • The crew reminds him that his statements on the show will have "little to no" impact on the upcoming membership vote
    • G.P.A.C. spends so much money on Candy Crush that he has to hide if from his wife
    • There's no end, you pay a lot of money, and wait for new content . . . name that video game!
    • Tony gets real with Jeff about why he thinks our Lodge is different than elsewhere
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