Episode 162 - Square and Kadashes

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    • Opening: Rocket Man (cover by Iron Horse)
    • Nick (/u/swimbikerunrun) has a personal coach . . . a lady coach
    • Freemasonry niche-clubs, chess, running, etc.
    • Which Bing Bang Theory characters represent the guys from your Lodge?
    • Do you have wi-fi at your Lodge?
    • Bruce's plans to carry the milk on the Martian colony
    • We cause our usual ruckus at the District Meeting
    • Tony begins texting the cast throughout the show, but never joins
    • Harlan blows the lid off of Rev. Tony's social facade
    • Nick gets trolled by a Rainbow Girl . . . like some other guys we know
    • How does your wife respond when you randomly encounter new Masons in public?
    • Harlan leads the Council of Kadosh - and he knows basically nothing about it
    • Henceforth: the instruments shall be known as: THE SQUARE AND KADASHES
    • What to do if you don't feel like going to Lodge? Go to Lodge
    • We plug Slack (the app), use it for your Lodge, you won't be sorry
    • Recap: why Ohio is always wrong
    • Closing: Take Me (Korn)
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