Episode 166 - Live from the Fair

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    • WARNING: This show was recorded live from a city fair . . . on cell phones, so, be nice
    • The After Lodge Crew decides to broadcast Friday night from the big fair
    • Nick starts broadcasting before the crew is ready, because, why not?
    • Everyone ends up hiding in Tony's car . . . except for Cartman
    • A police officer rage quits mid-fair
    • We manage to run a fair and record a podcast at the same time, doing both . . . poorly
    • Bruce recruits a lead singer for our Lodge
    • Josh is attacked by a local user
    • Harlan terrorizes the crowd by walking around with Arabic Coke
    • The "jungle juice" makes its annual comeback
    • Worst advice ever: start a fair!
    • Closing: Carousel (Melanie Martinez)
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