Episode 215 - Fraternal Turkey

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    • Opening: Come Together (The Beatles)
    • Nick is here - it isn't screen burn!
    • Mrs. Nick is due any day now
    • Thanksgiving raising . . . at 5am?!
    • A review of the least populated states
    • What social media options does your Lodge use?
    • Practical life advice when dealing with Tony
    • Jeff shows up
    • Harlan mistakes some uncommon York Rite regalia for a Scottish Rite degree team
    • A plug for "33 and Beyond" (again)
    • Updating Scottish Rite degree wear
    • Be sure to mute your wireless microphone if your Valley uses them
    • Does anyone join the Eastern Star without their spouse?
    • Girl Scouts sue the (not Boy) Scouts for brand confusion
    • Closing: A Boy Named Sue (Johnny Cash)
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