Episode 247: Talking Cops

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    • Harlan brings a super-sized bottle of bourbon so Ass. Producer Marshall shows up
    • Tony shows up too; we should have gallon jugs of whiskey at every After Lodge
    • The Angry Chaplain and his many costumes. His psychologist visits must be postponed due to COVID-19.
    • Harlan misses the mark catching up on previously recorded episodes - again
    • Tony gets shot during (or, at least at the same time as) local riots
    • And then there was Doug . . . or Truman
    • A segue for Agency Law
    • Providing masks for Lodge visitors - Aprons are not an acceptable substitute!
    • And right at the end (just kidding!), things take a more serious turn with some police funding debate
    • Then the [recovering] cops take the floor for a long and in-depth discussion of modern issues in/with law enforcement
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    Special Guest: Ass. Producer Marshall.

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