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Episode 258: The Traveling Templar

  • Bro. Chuck (/u/k0np) returns for a fourth visit
  • Bro. Barry (the Traveling Templar) joins us for the evening to discuss his travels
  • Another friend of Nick Johnson on the show . . . because that's gone well so far!
  • We explore just how wide ranging and different the York Rite can be
  • The pitch for the York Rite continues--for the rest of the show
  • Bro. Andrew Hammer, Chuck says he's wrong?!
  • Scotty tries to convince Bruce to take the East again, it fails in epic fashion
  • Idaho is geographically huge and Masonically small
  • The Widows Sons, rider associations, and biker chicanery
  • Playing pranks on visiting Brethren
  • Bro. James "The Fourth" McNeely makes a surprise visit!
  • Scotty re-starts another York vs. Scottish Rite episode
  • Right when things were settling, we shift to dues . . . way to go Scotty!
  • Thanks again to Bro. Barry for joing us. Be sure to check out his blog.
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Special Guests: Bro. Barry the "Traveling Templar", Charles "/u/k0np", and James McNeely, IV.

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