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Episode 265: Whoopsie

  • Bruce is on camera again!
  • Answers to some of life's big questions . . . right off the bat
  • Pandemic degree canceled because of snow
  • Whoopi Goldberg wore a shirt. People freaked out. Welcome to 2021.
  • Nobody legally owns the Masonic "brand", so sayeth the United States Trademark Office
  • When are we going to start superchats? Nope.
  • Using COVID times to get Lodge renovations done
  • Dating advice--what not to do
  • Secrets to a long life
  • Introducing (not a sponsor): Fresh Balls
  • How about that GameStop?
  • Introducing Worshipless Producer Bruce, Host of the After Lodge Podcast
  • Monetizing Masonic podcasts . . .
  • Just be authentic and have a sense of humor
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