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Episode 275: Overcorrection

  • We're starting late, with no Chuck, Bruce lost his camera, and are otherwise in disarray
  • Worshipless Host Producer Bruce is going to be adding "dad" to his long list of titles
  • A life lesson about microfiber and why it's always a bad idea
  • Harlan gets a rude awakening to just how woke /r/freemasonry has become
  • Did our audience misunderstand us? Have we gone too far? Probably not . . . but clarifying, just in case
  • We've spent 7+ years of After Lodge calling on our Craft to live up to its Landmarks, not to diminish them!
  • Tales of two cities
  • An unrelated, uneducated discourse on labor unions, careers, and workforce exploitation
  • Now that things are opening again, are we going to use some of what we've learned (i.e. Zoom)?
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Special Guest: Jamie the Canadian Islander.

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