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Examination of the White Paper New Book on the debate regarding 1775 or 1778


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As stated before, I had 5 renown Historians to review the work.

I am posting the second review from the Grand Historian of the MWPHGL of Alabama, RW Bro. Ken Collins Upchurch.

And providing an excerpt from the Book, the Chapter entitled, The Executive Summary:

"While I am appreciative of the historical committee’s response to my work and findings, I am disappointed at the lack of scholarship necessary to really create a deeper discussion regarding the founding of African Lodge and the initiation of its members.

There is such a great opportunity for Masonic research, dedicated to “Prince Hall Freemasonry” to be advanced in this moment. It is their rightful place to be on the frontlines of the emerging progressive school of researchers and historians whom have given their allegiance to credible discovery. The records sitting in the basement of their Grand Lodge should be assigned to fresh eyes and new blood.

The myth and legend of 1775 has had such a detrimental impact on the formative years of 4 jurisdictions, namely Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York, and Rhode Island. The histories of these jurisdictions have suffered in trying to maintain the place that has been relegated to them by the myth.

Massachusetts has been forced to defend a faulty position of being the “Mother Grand Lodge”, when at best it operated as a Mother Lodge to African Lodge at Philadelphia, Boyer and Harmony. It has claimed the chartering of 7 Lodges in New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, for which there is no documentation for. The MWPHGL of Massachusetts has been forced to question, abandon and outright deny the very records and minutes of African Lodge, written by the hands of their own predecessors. All of this to preserve and protect a phantom narrative.

Pennsylvania has been forced to relegate itself as a secondary Grand Lodge, despite their own records proving they were the first independent Grand Lodge among so-called Black people in America.

New York has been forced to attribute the formation of Celestial, Rising Sun and Hiram Lodges to African Lodge, when the history of these Lodges actually reveals a vibrant Masonic history outside of the sphere of African Lodge; a history that deserves much more research and attention."

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I have asked 5 renowned Prince Hall historians and researchers to proof read the manuscript for Examination of the White Paper.

I am publishing one of the reviews from the Grand Historian of the MWPHGL of Georgia, Bro. Dave Gillarm Jr., who is also one of the principal panelists for the Prince Hall Think Tank...

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