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Excited to become active again


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Good evening gentleman. Several months ago I first posted and explained that I was raised nearly 10 years ago and then due to life and other obligations stopped attended lodge. Sometime after I did let my dues slip. For the last couple of years I have wanted to go back to lodge. Honestly I am at a better place in life for it now than a decade ago but that's neither here nor there. I never took the time to reach out to the lodge out of fear of being rejected or simply written off. Well flash forward to earlier this year I did indees reach out to my lodge. I explained my situation and was told i could get in good standing and be active again but all lodges in the state were closed due to the virus. Well they opened back up this month and the secretary of the lodge got in touch with me and we made plans to get togetber and catch up my dues and submit the papers for me to become active again. They are voting on it at lodge tonight. I am extremely excited. The secretary said I'll be voted back with no trouble. He actually told me several brothers have come back within the last year that have been gone for a long time. As excited as I am i am also nervous. I hardly remember anything. What will be the steps or procedures for me moving forward. I am hoping to become very active and lookimg forward to this but am of course nervous. Any insight or words of wisdom is welcome.

Bill Lins

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The answer to your question depends upon the rules of your Grand Lodge. Ask your Lodge Secretary- if he doesn't know, he can & should find out.

Keith C

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They'll give you a refresher course :)

And if they don't ASK. Reach out to the WM, one of the Wardens or the Lodge Education Officer and ask for a refresher on the signs , grips and words if you do not remember them clearly. I assure you they will be happy to have you back amd work with you.

We had a Brother who left many years ago due to family issues come back last year and he will be our Junior Warden for the Masonic Year Next.