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    I just received the ok to send this out on the site.... He will be checking periodically to see the responses or questions he is a member here (ErikX)

    Hi Brother Josh,

    I remember you from the MasonsOfTexas forum...sorry I haven't been very active on there. The past...well...7 months or so have been nuts.

    There is a new Grand Lodge website on the way. GLIC met back in March and it was agreed that the website needed a new direction.

    The new site is scheduled to up and running before the Grand Communication...hopefully in early November, barring any technical setbacks.

    I don't want to get into a lot of detail about the site...things still need to get nods of approval from Grand Lodge, we are still solving some technical challenges, and we're working on brand new sections of the website hoping they'll be done before the site goes public. I just don't want to tell you that something is going to be there, then it isn't when the site goes live, but we're trying to addresses a lot of the shortcomings Brothers have mentioned and that we noticed with the current site.

    Right now we're in the middle of migrating the information and content from the current site over to the new server. Things like the lodge locator and photo gallery will for the most part remain the same, but we're pretty excited about the new website's social networking capabilities, integrated Grand Lodge calendar, indexing and searching capabilities, RSS feeds, and better support for e-newsletters. The new website is also *much* easier to update and keep current.

    A key factor in the success of the new site is Brothers sending in their news, Masonic education, stories and triumphs for publishing. If you send something in, and it's pretty good...we'll get it posted on the website for everyone to read. I've been very fortunate this year and have been able to go around the state, visiting lodges and meeting some incredible brothers with fantastic stories of how they're turning their lodges around. I've read some awesome educational pieces brothers have put together and heard inspiring stories about how lodges are active in their communities and the charitable work they perform. We felt that these need to be shared with everyone, and the new website enables us to do that.

    I am going to try and talk to Blake on Saturday at the Capitol Master Mason Degree and see if it would be alright to request that interested forum members send in their Masonic education, editorials, and stories for posting on the new website prior to launch. You guys would be among the first to have something on there.

    Well...I hope I answered your questions...get back with me if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Are you going to make it to the degree in Austin on Saturday?

    Talk to you soon, Brother.

    Erik X Briseño
    W. M. Five Points #1137 A.F. & A.M.
    Grand Lodge of Texas Internet Committee
    2009 Area Coordinator
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    i wish my middle name started with an X.

    edit: also, new GL site? wonderful news.
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    A great big " THANK YOU" to the entire internet committe, for working so dilligently on this project and making it happen (hopefully) before Grand Lodge , this year.
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