Famous Freemasons from Puerto Rico

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    Eugenio María de Hostos (January 11, 1839- August 11, 1903)
    He was an educator, philosopher, lawyer, sociologist, and novelist. He was known as "El Gran Ciudadano de las Américas" (translated as "The Grand Citizen of America[continent]"). He was an advocate for Puerto Rico's and Cuba's independence from the Spanish regime, and later on from the USA's regime. He was also an advocate of women's rights.

    José de Diego (April 16, 1866- July 16, 1918)
    He was statesman, journalist, lawyer, and poet. He was known as "The Father of Puerto Rican Independence Movement". He was an advocate for Puerto Rico's independence from the Spanish's and USA's regime as well.

    Ramón Emeterio Betances (April 8, 1827- September 16, 1898)
    He was a medical doctor, surgeon, poet, diplomat, public health administrator, and novelist. He was also an abolitionist, and was famous for buying slaves to then set them free, and even give them jobs. In the medical field, he was one of the first social hygienist. Beside all these, he was also an advocate for Puerto Rico's and Cuban's independence from the Spanish regime, and also a revolutionary that set up what is known as the "Grito de Lares" (translated as "Lares' Scream"). He claimed that his political and social activism was deeply influenced by Freemasonry's philosophical views.

    Rosendo Matienzo Cintrón (April 22, 1855- December 13, 1913)
    He was a lawyer and politician. He was an advocate for Puerto Rico's autonomy with Spain, and later on for statehood with USA. However, later on, he advocated for Puerto Rico's independence from the USA.

    José Celso Barbosa (July 27, 1857- September 21, 1921)
    He was a physician, sociologist, and politician. He is known as "The Father of Statehood for Puerto Rico", and founded a party for it. He was also the first Puerto Rican, and one of the first people with African ancestry to finish a medical degree in the USA. He also made contributions to medicine and the public health system by initiating early forms of health insurance, which encourage employers to pay a fee to cover future needs of their employees. He also worked in the Cabinet, and was the first elected Puerto Rican Senate.

    Luis Muñoz Rivera (July 17, 1859- November 15, 1916)
    He was a poet, journalist, and politician. He was an advocate for Puerto Rico's autonomy with Spain, and later on with the USA. He was the Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico, and participated in the Jones Act, which he proposed amendments before its approval.

    Antonio R. Barceló (April 15, 1868- December 15, 1938)
    He was a lawyer and businessman. He was the first president of the Puerto Rican Senate, and was the one passed the legislation of the Puerto Rican Capitol building.

    Alejandro Tapia y Rivera (November 12, 1826- July 19, 1882)
    He was a poet, playwright, essayist, and writer. He is consider as the father of Puerto Rican literature. He also was an abolitionist, and an advocate for women's rights.
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