FAQ: I heard a Mason talking about a Masonic Bible. Do Masons have their own Bible?

Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by Larry the Mason from Holbrook, Sep 9, 2009.

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    I heard a Mason talking about a Masonic Bible. Do Masons have their own Bible?

    "No. The Bibles sometimes called 'Masonic Bibles' are just Bibles to
    which a concordance, giving the Biblical citations on which the
    Masonic Ritual is based, has been added. Sometimes reference material
    on Masonic history is included. Anyone is welcome to read one." (Dr.
    Jim Tresner, 33rd degree) Masonic Bibles are usually the King James
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    There is no such thing as a “Masonic Bible”, even though many Freemasons unfortunately will use the term. However, there is a Masonic “presentation” Bible, which here in England, is usually presented to a brother when he attains the Third or Master Mason Degree.

    The Masonic presentation Bible has one cover but actually contains 2 books, the first is a book called Freemasonry & the Bible by HL Haywood and the second is the normal King James Version of the Old and New Testaments. It also has a bit at the beginning just like a family presentation Bible for the brother’s Lodge details to be entered into
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    Here we simply give a King James version that has a S&C on the cover and a page for Brothers to sign to the family at a Masonic funeral.
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    The one we give to newly Raised Brothers in our Lodge is a KJV that has a S&C on the cover and pages in the front for the dates of Each Degree and the WM, SW & JW that took part in each Degree.
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    After I was raised to Master Mason, I was presented a large family Bible, with the S&C in the front and Masonic info (plus list of officers & brothers at my raising) in the front. King James, with the words of Christ in red.

    I compare that to my wife's grandfather's Masonic Bible, which was presented to him when he was raised to Master in late 1944, and given to me by my wife a month before I was Raised in appreciation to my degree work and love for the Craft. I have taken it to church on occasion, and the last time I did, my lodge brethren and several OES ladies from the local chapter marveled at it, mostly for the historical point of view. I have told my spouse that when I pass on, if she's alive, she gets it back, since it was her grandfather's after all. My own Bible is kept at home and is on the top of her rolltop desk next to my father-in-law's US flag (which was on his coffin during his funeral services).

    Because of the historical, family and age reasons (it was printed in 1940), it usually remains in a dresser drawer, as I have another Bible I use for study. I feel deeply privileged to have her granddad's old Bible in my possession, and as an honor to a fallen Brother I take extra good care of it.
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    Rightfully so. Thank you for sharing this Brother.
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    Q: ...Do Masons have their own Bible?
    A: Only if they want wisdom.
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    Excellent, lol.
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    I have one that I have had since 1991, I carry it every where with me...that and the Constitution...

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    I was given a bible on my 3rd degree-
    Nice little tradition I think-
    Don’t know how much of it I will read however
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    I've had my own bible for over 43 years, I won it at Sunday school at the age of 8 in an art competition judged by an American Pastor who was visiting us. I also have a bible that is over 140 years old, (and looks older), which I read often when I am taking part in living history events. I treasure them both, but the newest one more so, because I didn't have to buy it, it was presented to me.
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