FAQ: What is the oldest Lodge Room in the world? In the US?

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    What is the oldest Lodge Room in the world? In the US?

    "St. John's Chapel, Edinburgh, Scotland is said to be the oldest
    Masonic Lodge Room (1736) in the world. The oldest known Lodge Room in
    the U.S. is situated in Prentiss House, Marble head, Massachusetts
    (1760).The oldest Masonic Lodge Building is the Lodge Hall of Royal
    White Hart Lodge No. 2, Halltax, Northings, North Carolina (1771)."

    Other information disagrees with this, stating that the oldest
    American Lodge Room is "Masons Hall in Richmond, Virginia, the home of
    Richmond Randolph Lodge No. 19 and Richmond Royal Arch Chapter No. 3.
    The building owned by Royal White Hart Lodge wasn't built until 1821.
    Masons Hall was built in 1785. It was originally the home of Richmond
    Lodge No. 10, the first wholly new Lodge chartered by the Grand Lodge
    of Virginia. It was also the first permanent home of the Grand Lodge
    of Virginia." (from Northern Light)

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