FAQ: What is the York Rite?

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    What is the York Rite?

    The York Rite, like the Scottish Rite, is an appendant body of
    Masonry, and confers nine degrees beyond the Master Mason degree. The
    Temple degrees, which comprise the top degrees of the York Rite are
    specifically Christian. Or at least it can be stated that the oath is:
    in some Grand Lodges in the US and abroad, one need not be a
    Christian, but rather only be willing to take a Christian OATH. The
    difference here is that there are some who would willingly swear to
    defend the Christian faith on the grounds that they would defend any
    man's faith. The Chapter (or Royal Arch) and Council Of Royal And
    Select Masters (Cryptic Rite), which comprise the first two sections
    of the York Rite, are not specifically Christian.

    The York Rite does not exist as a unified order in England. Each of
    the orders contained in the US York Rite Bodies is separate and
    independent in England, and there is no progression from one of the
    orders to the next. Beyond the Craft, written by Keith Jackson, gives
    concise descriptions of all the orders in England.
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    This is why the York Rite was the first appendant body that I joined.

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