FAQ: Where can I find books on Freemasonry?

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    Where can I find books on Freemasonry?

    Many Lodges maintain their own libraries as do the Grand Lodges. Some
    larger public Libraries also may have a better collection than a
    smaller Library. Unfortunately, bookstores do not typically carry a
    wide assortment of Masonic related books, however, there are several
    sources to purchase books:

    Macoy Publishing (804) 262-6551
    P.O. Box 9759
    Richmond, VA 23228

    Anchor Communications (804) 737-4498
    110 Quince Ave. Drawer 70
    Highland Springs, VA 23075

    Look at Roger Ingersoll's home page or web site for free publications
    and addresses of other sources of Masonic books.

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