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    Some glad news. I returned my FC catechism on Friday night. I have been doing the long form. In Illinois there is an option of short or long form...I opted for the traditional path to get the most out of the experience and learning. Similar to when I returned my EA, I was nervous since the recitation of verbatim script tends to be intimidating for me...but it went well, and my intender and I were both very pleased with my return. Doing such a thing in open lodge in front of the salty brethren, many of whom stand in shoes of decades worth of experience, makes me feel as if the bar is set very high indeed. However, at one point, I actually had to prompt my intender, and at that point, many of the brethren chuckled...and it the nerves went away like a flash. So, I am happy to say I will be raised at some point in the next couple months, and eagerly look forward to the continuance of the work and never ending education.

    Note. Edited out the part about my exchange with my friend. It is of no consequence. I was proud to have done a good job on my return. And very glad of my decision to join the fraternity. Nothing but great experiences so far.
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    Congratulations Brother! Keep us informed of your progress.
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