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Feeling offended


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Lol. Well after all the advice I am not going to hide who I am. I will still wear my pin.
Show people who we are. If it happens again I will thank that person for their concern and carry on. I will do it with a smile. :)
I was so shocked and upset when this happened I wasn't thinking quick enough
Thank you all for the responses.


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We as Freemasons are Accused of so many wrong doings and evil ploys for world domination that it may tend to overshadow the good that we do in the world and overall deminsh the outreach of our primary goal, Making good men better. With that being said i wear my light everywhere i go to the highest extent possible and I do and always will defend freemasonry from those who choose to wrong it, without suffering my zeal, and educate all of the ill informed who will listen. I'm glad that you will continue to wear the emblem and it's an honor to call you my brother.

“Man's action are the picture book of his creeds†-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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There are many people who have serious problems with Freemasonry. They even hold conventions. I have been to two of them, St. Louis and Atlanta. I wrote an article about anti-Masonry for the Scottish Rite Journal.

You might mention to anyone who is opposed to our Craft, that the Nazis shut down Masonry, and many thousands of Masons were gassed in the concentration camps, and turned into smoke.

Not everyone who is opposed to Freemasonry is a Nazi, but people who are opposed to our Craft are running with the biggest mass murderers in history.


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I would take the pamphlet, because I probably have seen it before, use it to show her the diverse views of various masonic authors, and to provide more proof of diversity I would share my views of Freemasonry and I how practice my own brand of freemasonry each day. All of this to convince her that she should not use one source of information to form an opinion of all freemasons or the Masonic Lodge.
I've done this on different occasions with three people and convinced two of them we were not "as bad" as they first thought. Yes, there is More work to be done but some progress was made.


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Good evening brethren---in response to the brother's question as to how to handle this type of incident-----your boss, who is also the owner of the company is square, so as long as he has no issue with you having paperweights, pictures, wearing lapel pins or jewelry, or any other display at your desk, that's all that matters in your office.

When dealing with clients, if you are in sales, and are in the business of acquiring clientele, one may be careful not to put your masonic affiliation out for everyone to see when outside of the office. It's not a matter of being ashamed, it's just that if acquiring cleintele or the sale of your product is the lifeblood of you corporation, your affiliation at that point is not the business of any client---earn and keep the business to ensure your livelihood.

If it comes down to her coming in to your office space or inquiring about something on your desk, she has the right to inquire, but that doesn't mean you have to engage in a long detailed explanation about your love for the craft with someone who's obviously opposed to our view of the craft. Let her have her say, thak her for her opinion----get back to business. You will never convince everyone in america about the goodness of our time honored institution........nor will you be able to convince her of how masonry "makes good men better" amen??

Fraternally, i am----
bro. Vincent c. Jones, sr, bayou city lodge #228, pha, f&am
prince hall affiliation, free and accepted masonry, district 15-a
houston, texas, most worshipful prince hall grand lodge of texas, est 1878


Coach John S. Nagy
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Hi... I would like some advice from anyone who would
Like to share. .... Am I over reacting or should I feel offended?
You cannot ask and pay for such wonderful universal gifts. You have an excellent opportunity given to you in this. Review the document and examine the rhetoric, grammar and logic. You shall be amazed at what you shall discover about the mentality of the gift giver.
My boss is the owner. I have never been told not to wear my pin.
Part of your answer lay herein. Ask your boss how he wants his employees to respond to such advances.
I appreciate all of you who gave me advice. I know
How I will respond if something like this happens again.
Come up with your own response after you do your Work and then ask your boss if he would support it.

brother josh

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Sincerely respect that person for one standing by her faith but I would make it known that the workplace is not a place for subjects of separation to be discussed I would tenderly remind them outside of the workplace that we are all Gods creature and continue to express those tenants of virtue that let them of the outer world see the masonic order in a positive light


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Dogmatism, like ignorance, bigotry, and hatred is a terrible thing to waste!

It is LOST, when YOU choose to IGNORE it!

This is not easy. Nothing worthwhile is easy. This you know.

But thank the GAOTU that we hold sway over this burden of all mankind each time we come face to face with it!

To thank that I, personally, can crush uninvited Dogmatism, Ignorance, Bigotry, and Hatred is remarkable. To thank that I, by my example, can lead to others realizing that they, too, have a choice.

WOW! What power we, individually, possess!

Choice is the great equalizer given to us by the maker to counter this material world.

Do yourself a favor. Use it. Free yourself! Thereby offering hope for all mankind!


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We own our own business. Our customers come to our office and we set up at events in over thirty states. Our cars have Masonic & Shriner decals on the taillights, I wear Masonic & Shriner rings at the office & at events, I wear & have Masonic & Shriner hats at the office and have jackets with Masonic & Shriner items on them. I would NEVER hide the fact that I am a Mason & and a Shriner if I had to do that then I would not have joined the Masonic Lodge, the Clown unit and the Shriners.

I can't even tell you how many people that come to the office or see me in public have a story about how their daughter, son, neighbor or a family member received GREAT treatment at our hospitals.

We have Attorneys, Doctors, Judges, Law Enforcement folks, Texas DPS officers, business owners and business mangers that don't hide on the job or personal time that they are Masons & Shriners. We are better men since joining the Masons & Shriners and we help a whole bunch of children thanks to the Masons and Shriners.
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