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    I'm Jerry and I have always enjoyed cooking as well as eating and have the budda belly to prove it!

    I have always been interested in cooking and would like to know if any of you brothers are chefs or serve in the food industry. I would very much like to go to culinary school but not sure where to start or how to get experience or even if it is for me.

    I'd also love to get into the concierge industry because I love helping people !

    So if anyone is in either of these two industries please let me know.

    All the best,
    Bro. Jerry Johnston
  2. cemab4y

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    My brother in law, is in the food service industry. You should check out the CIA, The Culinary Institute of America. Their graduates are the best in the industry. You can also check at your local state employment office, they can assist you in finding a culinary school, and also in arranging for a student loan, to pay for tuition and costs.
  3. JTM

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    i'm not professional, but i like to show off my skills for groups 75+ about twice a year for events run by the city of college station or other groups.

    i'd love to be a professional, but it's really more of a hobby than anything else :-/
  4. Brent Heilman

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    Culinary school is something I would love to do. I do a lot of cooking in my house and is something I love to do. I have worked in the food industry in the past and enjoyed it a lot. I was basically a short order cook for a little mom and pop place here in Oklahoma. It was hectic and fast paced. The hours were long but I still had fun with it. I checked into school a while back but where I live there is no close place. One of the best, if not the best, is Le Cordon Blue. I know they have a campus in Dallas and it is a great place. I took the tour when I was separating from the Navy and looking at moving to Dallas. Check them out on the web for more info. That's about all I really familiar with.

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