Festive Boards and Masonic Gamers Websites

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    England's Brother Paul Bradley has created two unusual websites. The first, Festive Boards ("Where Masons Eat") is designed for Masons who meet at London's Freemasons' Hall in Great Queen Street to easily choose and reserve tables at the pubs and restaurants nearby for their Festive Boards.

    His latest is Masonic Gamers ("Where Masons Play"). From the website:

    "Masonic Gamer is a site for like-minded Brothers. Here you will be able to exchange gamer tags, read the latest game reviews, form masonic gaming clans and keep up to date on gaming news in our masonic gamer forum."

    "We are now forming a Masonic Gamer Clan. Are you sick of the back chat and trash talk from kids online? Well why not sign up and join like minded gaming brothers who love to play games for fun. You can sign up in our Forum for free and exchange gamer tags with brothers around the world."


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