Firefighting and brotherhood

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    I am a career firefighter who has been taught that the Fire Service is a brotherhood. Since my initiation into Masory, I have taken a step back and came to the coclusion that the Fire Service is not so much of a brotherhood as I initially thought.
    The fire service started pretty much as gangs. You would have a group of "volunteers" who would go a put out someone's home. The insurance companies would pay the firefighters would put out the fire. Now, when two groups would show up. the biggest and meanest of the bunch would fight over the water! Sound like a brotherhood? I feel the effects still today throughout my career. I go to fire training all over the state and country. Most firefighters tend to stay with their own dept or group. Do not get me wrong, there is some that "Mingle, but it takes others some time before any interaction is established.
    Now, let's discuss Masonry. Every brother in Masonry I have had the privilege to meet has had open arms, a smile on their face, and eager to meet a fellow brother! I have just started my journey and wanted to thank all Freemasons for their wonderful friendship and brotherly love they have bestowed to me. This is truly a Brotherhood. (with the Brotherhood capitalized)
    I would like to thank my neighboring lodge in Wimberley, Texas. Brother Al is taking the time out of his busy schedule to help a fellow brother in passing through the degree of Fellowcraft. I feel I may be able to turn in my work at the next stated meeting. Once again thank you brother!
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    A brother I know and I used to work with who happens to be a volunteer told me he was brought into the order when he inquired about it with his fellow firefighters. Very nice to see brotherhood outside the lodge.

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