"First Light in Masonry" - A program for new Masons

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    “First Light in Masonry†– A program for new Masons.

    When a man is made is a Mason, he is entering a new world. Too often, he is unprepared to enter this world. Freemasonry is a challenging organization. It challenges the man, to improve himself in Masonry.

    The first several months as a Master Mason, can influence a man, for the course of his entire Masonic career.

    I propose to equip new Masons, to meet the challenges of Masonry, and to serve the Craft more effectively, and to improve himself in Masonry.


    I propose an instructional class for all new Master Masons. The course topics will include (but are not limited to) the following:

    -What it means to be a Mason
    -Masonic History
    -An introduction into the Appendant and Concordant bodies
    -Masonic Etiquette
    -Parliamentary procedure (How to introduce motions, etc)
    -How to serve as an officer.
    -How to visit a lodge .
    -What is expected of all Mason
    -How to recognize other Masons

    The class will consist of four four-hour sessions, conducted on Saturdays. The students will be given study books, and lectures in the classes.

    Each student will be required some topic of Masonry, and deliver a report to the class.
    Each student will be assigned to research one of the appendant/concordant bodies, and deliver a report to the class.

    At the conclusion of the class, a written exam will be administered. Each man who passes the exam, will be given a diploma, and a lapel pin with the Square and Compasses with “First Light in Masonry†engraved around the logo.

    Too often, men are made Masons, and then “abandonedâ€. They are not given any additional information about Masonry, and they have no idea of the appendant bodies, nor how to visit a lodge. A simple program of instruction, for all new Masons, will empower our new brothers, and enable them to participate in the Craft, right away. And this instruction, will make their Masonic career more meaningful.
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    I suggest you check out the "Additional Lodge Light" (ALL) program each new Master Mason is required to complete after being raised in Texas.

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