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    Hi, I have been a mason for six years now. Recently I made a trip around the world. I met some very fraternal brothers, but I also made expierence which I actually didnt want to have made in a bond where fraternity is one of the maon colums. I just briefly write some notes, and hope that you all share your thoughts about that.
    A couple a years a go a brother from vienna visit our lodge in berlin, i exchanged cards, because i wad heading for vienna just two weeks after his visit, when I called him and told him that I am in his town, he hang up the phone never to be reached or heard of again. Recently I was in Johannesburg, I tried to made contact with a mason that is actually the uncle of one of my brother from my homelodge. I wrote several emails, even his nephew wrote him about me coming over, and that we should visit, I called him, we even made friendship on facebook, while I was in Johannesburg, he didnt answered my calls nor wrote me an email.
    Next thing I learned, if you want to visit a lodge, or for instance the shriner hospital, dont bother to write an email, it will not be answered. Always make a phonecall. Ok now a thing which works really good, if you want to visit a lodge, for exampel in another country, inform your grandlodge about your plans, they will establish the contact and you will be called by a local brother.
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    Well, there are members in our fraternity, that better not made it in. Nobody knows, what motives brought them in, sometimes nobody knows, who brought them in and why they are ballotted. ... And sometimes they even get elected to rank and office.

    Membership does not make a man a mason, and our culture of tolerance and working on once own ashlar does give those characters a splendid environment to prosper. To hope, that every brother will be a brother to you and others is a fair wish, but it will never be accomplished.
    Nonetheless, a wish worth wishing for, and a hope, worth working for.
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    It's called Masonic protocol; wouldn't be surprised if some individuals might have been severely chastised for breeching the proper protocol.

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