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Discussion in 'Finding a Lodge' started by gabe_, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. gabe_

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    I would love to be a member of Freemasonry in my community. I have read a few articles in the California Freemason Magazine, and I can see myself being a part of the brotherhood no matter where I live. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

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  2. widows son

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    Gabe, find the lodge closest to you, find out when they meet and show up an hour before. You'll probably have to do this a couple times. Once a few Masons feel you out, they will probably vouch for you on a petition. Patience is a virtue.
  3. ThanatosTA

    ThanatosTA Premium Member

    Where in Broward are you? I went to SBHS in the 80's.

  4. FlBrother324

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    I would recommend you go to the Grand Lodge of Florida home page at: and use the lodge locator. Just put in the city in Broward County closest to you, it will give you a list of Lodges in the area for you to see which is closest to you. Call the number for that Lodge, or visit them on their meeting night to see about getting a petition.

    If you're concerned about proper attire to meet the Brethren ask the Brother you're speaking with about the Lodge dress code. At minimum, I suggest casual business dress.

    You've already made the biggest step towards joining the Masonic Fraternity, U asked 1-2-B-1.

    Good luck,

    Yours, in His service.

    Br. R. Corcoran

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