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    My life was merely average,
    prior to Masonic exposure.
    Receiving the right of passage,
    I've gained a new composure.

    The brethren have accepted me,
    with fellowship and brotherly love.
    A truly sublime gift you see,
    from the Supreme Ruler above.

    I now see the good in all men,
    that I'd overlooked before.
    The world seems to be new again,
    passing through the Tyler's door.

    In the South I prepared the feast,
    now in the West I can be found.
    Working my way toward the East,
    for tis' there that I am bound.

    In just a short year from now,
    the lodge will be in my care.
    The Master's hat upon my brow,
    and sitting in the Oriental Chair.

    And I'll do my best to convey,
    what Freemasonry means to me.
    Laboring harder day to day,
    that a better man I might be.

    Source: Bro. Brad Koehler
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    I can relate to feasting as this is something we do so well.

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