Freemasonry’s Connection With The Knights Of The Golden Dawn

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  2. BryanMaloney

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    So, the entire article is meant to do nothing but accuse all of "Southern Freemasonry" of being a racist organization. Does that mean the non-white men who sit in my Lodge in Texas don't exist?
  3. Mac

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    As someone who joined this fraternity truly of my own free will and accord, with no family pressure, I find this statement highly offensive. I support PHA being recognized fully, and as WM, I tolerate no racism in MY Lodge. I would not tolerate it anywhere I found it.

    Talk about painting with a wide brush.
  4. Bro_Vick

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    Fred has been openly hostile towards Texas Freemasonry since he started blogging. He thinks that any white man born in the south is an automatic raciest, and those same men do not have the mental capability to understand "real" Freemasonry.

    He does far more to divide Prince Hall Freemasonry from Texas Freemasonry than he does to build the bridge. He has publicly stated that the Grand Lodge of Texas should come on its knees begging for intervisitation with Prince Hall, and has accused anyone who disagrees with him as a hillbilly raciest.

    He is a bitter old man that finds it far more enjoyable to start fires and burn bridges than to spread light.

    -Bro Vick
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    Freemasonry’s Connection With The Knights Of The Golden Dawn

    Their were also members from the North, who was not apart the organisation, and was against those ideas.
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    Somehow the author of the original post thinks that a Texas Freemason cannot be racially tolerant and white at the same time.
    I respectfully disagree. I am white, Texas born and raised, a Freemason, and I could care less what your skin pigmentation is.
    I am also very proud of my heritage and history and that does not equate to racism.
    There simply is no room in Freemasonry for racist attitudes or for people that seek to associate any branch of Freemasonry with a particular belief.
    The military taught me one inalienable truth: skin color does not dictate brotherhood or decency.

    "among whom no contention should ever exist"
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    Very well said. One of the sad things about the information age is how easy it is for anyone to set up a blog, and just start spewing our whatever they want. We have to remember that just because one person puts it on the internet does not necessarily make it true, nor should we pay to much attention to it.

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