Freemasons Gaining Popularity in Asia

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    Freemasons are gaining popularity in Asia, according to an article on the Telegraph website.

    From "Freemasons grow in popularity in Asia" by Justin Harper:
    British-born Australian Nick Jacobs, 41, is an example of the new breed of Freemasons helping to grow the membership. He said: “It definitely has an attraction to expats as you get to meet up with people in a strange city and very quickly they are like brothers to you. And these are people you wouldn’t normally be friends with as they are outside the expat community.â€
    He added: “There are many older gentlemen who are active Freemasons in Singapore but we are finding that we are also attracting a much younger demographic of expats and locals.â€
    Freemasons in Asia regularly take part in social activities such as inter-lodge paintballing sessions and pub quizzes.
    Singapore has eight English lodges and is part of a district that includes Malaysia and Thailand. Many countries in Asia are seeing a spike in popularity for the Freemasons, especially those nations with colonial roots and established lodges.
    Dennis Heath, a British expat and Freemason in Singapore, added: “We see a lot of expats passing through Singapore who want to come to the lodge where they know they will be welcomed warmly. We also have expats who were previously part of a lodge back in the UK, along with those joining for the first time. The traditions and history of the Freemasons has a strong appeal in the fast-paced, digital world we live in.â€
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    Paint-balling! Cool!

    Hummmmmmm ... I'll be the PMs are pretty good at that one too.

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    Masonry in the Philippines just celebrated its centennial and appeared strong there I was fortunate enough to attend 1 stated meeting and 2 Masters Degrees while I was there a very enlightening experience. They had a run series there throughout the year that rotated through the different regions dubbed " run kuyang(Brother) run". I wish I would have been able to be there for the run and the Communication that took place to celebrate this event.

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