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    I recently heard that there is a limit on the Fund Raisers that a lodge can perform per year? If so, how many and why? I find it strange that we are a fraternity that believes and charity contributions and to do that we need money. There have also been discussions about raising our dues and again, it seems that if we were allowed to raise more money for local/outside organizations, then more money could be dedicated toward the Grand Lodge of Texas. I guess it bothers me because of the economic times that we're all going through and more monies are being requested of us and yet we're restricted on how to or how often to make money. I just don't seem to understand it and gives me the impression of a "Catch-22". Any advise to better understand this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Where is the limit coming from? I have heard this before, but can't locate the source. Is it an IRS regulation?
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    I think you are getting the fund raising confused with raffles; raffles are handled differenty than the typical fund raisers such as barbques and fish frys; It is my understanding that RAFFLES are limited by the state to two (2) per year you will note in #4 below that it specifically states "conducted in compliance with the laws of The State of Texas"

    Here is the GL law pertaining to fund raising:

    Art. 335. [FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk][FONT=NewCenturySchlbk,NewCenturySchlbk]Lodge Funds Under Its Control.
    [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]A. A Lodge may appropriate its funds for any purposes not inconsistent with the principles and purposes of Masonry, or the Laws of the Grand Lodge.
    B. Subject to the provisions of Article 224, Lodges may conduct projects to raise funds for a Lodge’s general fund, charity fund, endowment fund, needy individuals, any recognized Masonic charity or foundation, disaster relief, public schools, educational scholarships or other similar funds. All such funds must be of a noncontroversial, nonsectarian, nonpartisan, patriotic and/or community character.
    All fund raising activities are subject to the following restrictions:
    1. The project must be approved by the Lodge at a stated meeting.
    2. No such project may be held on June 24th, December 27th, during the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Texas, or at any time or place prohibited by any law of the land or any Masonic law.
    3. All federal, state and local regulations shall be strictly observed and all required permits obtained.
    4. No gambling or lottery, except legal charitable raffles conducted in compliance with the laws of the State of Texas, shall be conducted.
    (Revised 2003)
    5. No alcoholic beverages shall be distributed, sold, purchased, possessed or consumed during a fund raising project on Lodge property.
    6. No Masonic apron or regalia shall be worn.
    7. The entire project shall be conducted in strict accordance with Masonic tradition, custom and dignity.
    8. Masonic Lodgerooms shall not be used for fund raising activities.
    (Revised 2000)
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    No. Under Texas Occupations Code Sec. 2002, only non-profit organizations can conduct raffles. Individuals may not.

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    Fund raisers are different then, I take it. As long as its a basic service or product, from car washes to brisket sales, all fair game?
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