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I've never been interested in most of the graphical games. I still occasionally play Nethack 3.4. It is map oriented and the parent of nearly all first person shooter games. Instead of putting effort into the graphics the developers put effort into game play and complexity. After all these years I still rarely survive the first 10 levels in any one game. It's hard on a scale that not even chess and go achieve.


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I am an avid ps3 player and my gamertag is airmansells I play cod black ops 2 and am working on a few other games. I'm not on as much since my son was just born, but add me anyways

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I play Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) most of the time (I've got one toon to the level cap, 85; I'm levelling a second toon as well). Once in a blue moon, I'll kick it OLD SCHOOL and play Doom (yes, DOOM) online!


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How many gamers are there? I know there are a few of us already. Console? PC?
My current fascination is The Last of Us on PS3. It's ah-mazing. :D
What are y'all playing?

I am behind on PS3, but playing Uncharted 3, Assassins Creed 3 and Just Cause 2.

Waiting GTA V and Madden 25 this fall.

-Bro Vick
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Play on PS3 name is deathfromafar mostly play cod black ops look me up brothers!!

Watsontown, PA Lodge #401

Michael Hatley

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I started out with Atari 2600, ran a BBS with TW, LORD and all that kind of stuff - was a MUD coder, beta tester for Ultima Online, built maps for Quake, and have been a (very large) corp leader in Eve, guild leader in so many games I'm embarrassed and on and on.

Was lead administrator (sort of like general manager in their jargon) of , an Australian based gaming group for > 25 gamers (median age of around 40 or so), 30,000 members yadda yadda. One of my partner admins there was actually the first Mason I met.

Nowadays I play poker and chess more than anything else while at the computer. Simply because they are usable face to face, and I spend a lot more time socially that way these days.

But once a year I get stuck into this or that game for a while. And down the road when some of my various responsibilities are fulfilled I'll probably take a run at putting together a Masonic gaming group, or join one if someone has really done it right at some point. Maybe whatever succeeds WoW, put together a raid group or some such.

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Pc here...recently started playing Civ5 and stronghold kingdoms. I have a ps3 but rarely use it...anyone remember the Wing Commander games and the evil kilrathi cats? Classic


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PS3 the last of us. Completely awesome.

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I play everything. pc, xbox 360, ps3 Wii, and lots of Tabletop games. Name is wedgeprime on both Xbox live and psn

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