Georgia Gate City Controversy

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    The Grand Master of Georgia has broken his long silence on this issue. Did he go far enough or should he have gone farther in his edict? Also is the usual practice with edicts that it is read twice at lodges or is this above and beyond? I have been trying to keep up on this because I see far reaching implications. Personally I hope this was not the thought pattern in Georgia but a limited case of racism. I have not seen any of these attitudes in Texas but my experience is limited to my short period of time being involved.

    Grand Master Jennings edict

    How would you have handled this issue if you were in his shoes?
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    Something should be done to discipline the brothers who brought the charges in the first place at the Grand Lodge level. Until then it is just lip service. The truth is it is sad that this edict needed to be made to begin with. I think the landmarks of Masonry already spell this out. The Georgia Grand Lodge should have responded by suspending or expelling the people who brought the charges. Actions speak louder than words.
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    Could not agree more! Guess my other question is if this is all the Grand Master of Georgia was going to do why it took so long?
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    Nope, this is a save face deal. I am very unhappy with the edict and I don't think it is sincere. I question why the GM allowed the charges anyway. It is HIS fault this has reached the civil court level and something needs to be done here. Until something happens to a GL then GL will continue to take a sit back and don't do anything action.

    I hope they have a big rug because they just want this to go way. I know the few issues I have seen in TX seem to be working themselves out by the majority (or minority becoming more vocal) and to tell you the truth it has been a blessing and really lets me know good things about our future.
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    Sadly if you havent seen it yet, you will eventually. I liked the wording in the KY resolution better but then they didnt have a public incident to answer. I think every GL in every state should make something like KYs and then ENFORCE IT!

    I feel a rant about to start so I better end this here...:texasg:
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    I've talked with a lot of freemasons online and offline and a very large number seem to have anecdotes of someone saying something inappropriate or mentioning not letting in Blacks. I heard a few friendly anecdotes of people in masonic families asking "is that allowed?" when I started the journey.

    I've seen one or two outbursts of Georgia masons online about letting Blacks in and one by a seemingly reasonable Brother basically saying "they have their own, why make it an issue."

    If the initial charges would have stood, my understanding is the lodge woudl have lost it's charter and all it's members suspended.

    Here's been my primary concern. In what other organization in America can you have two subordinate organizations (lodges) file a formal written complaint (supposedly based on morality) that a Black man was granted equal membership and allowed to hold an officer's position? And have it met with silence by affiliated members and organizations. Except for Kentucky, who provided the format for this edict Freemasons For Dummies: Grand Master of Kentucky Issues Edict on Race

    In what environment can someone stand up and put this kind of thing in writing and expect support? That's part of why I don't think it was a limited case.

    I've seen blatant racism in a whole lot of different places, but even in the work places where it was literally violent racism, I would have never expected anything but expulsion for filing a formal complaint to get someone else fired for hiring a Black man (which is essentially what was happening in Georgia).

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