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  1. Bro. Stewart P.M.

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    Last night Thomas B. Hunter Lodge #1356 was honored by the visit of a representative of the Grand Lodge of Louisianna, Worshipful Bryan Price - Grand Organist. This was Bryan's first visit to a TX Lodge, and first TX Fellow Craft Degree. Bryan shared with us some of the differences within our degree work.

    Although Bryan is not a member here, I wanted to share with everyone.

    Pictured (Left to Right): W. Bryan Price, W.M. Harold Price, & Stewart Owings
  2. C_Cabra

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    Excellent. Good to see Bryan. Haven't seen much of him since he took office at the GLoLA
  3. Blake Bowden

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    Excellent! Thank you for sharing!
  4. Wingnut

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    Does his lodge use the Scottish Rite degrees for EA/FC/MM or the York Rite like Texas? I know not all LA lodges use the York Rite but use the Scottish Rite.
  5. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    Bryan's Lodge is a York Rite (blue lodge). There are (I believe) three Lodges within the GLoLA operating as Scottish Rite (red lodge). Of course as you know within the city of New Orleans there are several operating charters (German, French, Italian, Spanish) so it is not uncommon to see openings & closings in multipul languages.

    The GLoLA has one degree team under the 18th District that conferrs the SR version of the first 3 degrees EA, FC, & MM around the state. I had the distinct pleasure of attending a SR EA Degree a little while back when it was held in Shreveport, LA & I have to tell you that the SR version is very different but includes the same key points.

    After Bryan's visit Thursday night I believe that there will be a caravan from Grand Prairie to the next SR Degrees in LA, lol!! Every Mason must see these Degrees!!!

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