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  1. cog41

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    For some, going to lodge is a sense of duty, obligation, part of their individual committment to the way things used to be and ought to be again. For others it's a mission or assignment as a part of their station in life and community. Some go just for the fellowship of friends or the company of other men with whom they a common bond. Maybe they just like the opening and closing rhythm of proper procedure and protocol. There are those who go for all the previous reasons and more. Why do masons go to lodge?

    Why don't they not go to lodge?

    Is it boring? Is it too long? Empty of substance? Not spiritual or mystical enough? Not enough time on one's plate? Humm, Why?

    How bout you, why do you go or not go lodge?
  2. CajunTinMan

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    We are looking into this at this time. We are bringing younger men and are trying to figure out what will keep them imterested. What motivated a man 50 years ago to get involved has changed and we need to accommodate changes.
  3. widows son

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    Very true. I go for all the states reasons above.
  4. Custer148

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    All of the above are also the reasons I go. The fact that I am a glutton for after hours work LOL ----- I have been either an appointed or elected officer (PM twice) since I was raised, currently Secretary
  5. rpbrown

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    I go for several reasons.
    (1) For the brotherhood and fellowship. This is a great time to visit with your brothers
    (2) To try and remain proficient in my work
    (3) To help others to remain/become proficient in their work
    (4) As an officer moving up in chairs, I feel a somewhat sense of duty
    (5) To find out about any upcoming events
  6. dreamer

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    I go for all these reasons and then some. I would like to see those that don't come at least make it four times a year to a stated meeting and try to participate in degree work. It's not much when you consider those that are active are keeping the doors open. If you are serious about Masonry you will be there regardless. If you find it boring for, then do something about it. It can be done, we are builders.:14:
  7. Brent Heilman

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    Indeed my Brother. I go for those reasons and others also. Coming back from the Scottish Rite Reunion last weekend I had a very interesting talk with some of the longer tenured Brothers of my Lodge. I found out that many of the things I and some of the younger Brothers want is what they want too. We are brainstorming ideas right now to try to get some of those that used to attend but don't any more back into the Lodge. What attracted them to the Fraternity in the first place, what made you stop attending, and what would it take to get you back? These are a few of the answers we are looking for. Like you said it can be done.
  8. chrmc

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    I think that the reason that some people may not go is because they are not finding the Masonry and chance for self growth there that they had hoped for. Once you are done with the work there are many lodges that do not offer very much masonry. Instead it is long stated meetings with bickering about whether we should spend 20 USD on a new ice scoop.

    With all the offers the modern man has available masonry need to ensure that we offer something that people will want to pay for and spend time on. A good way to do that is to remember that whilst you can get networking at rotary, a good mean at the Y and brotherhood at the bar, masonry is after all still the only place which offers - Masonry.
  9. widows son

    widows son Premium Member

    Yes, of masonry is to survive, it needs to keep up with the times.

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