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  1. Hippie19950

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    I want to brag a bit about our little Lodge last night (Thursday). It was our Stated Meeting, and we had a GREAT feast!! Those who are close enough to join us missed a FANTASTIC meal! Bro. LJ Linson provided it. His wife deserves the Thanks for preparation, and it was VERY GOOD. We started with your choice of Italian Meatloaf, with or without Tomato Sauce, Mashed Potatoes with Chives, and Green Beans. There was a German Chocolate cake, and an Oreo cake. I heard LJ's daughter made the Oreo Cake. I know now why the little skinny fella I once knew is now heading towards Portly... Oh, and there were seconds, and thirds if you were brave enough. Then on to the meeting... I have never been sleepy during a meeting, but had a tough time last night. I also found myself slouching to give my BIG BELLY room to keep expanding. Did I mention the food was EXCELLENT? We had a good discussion on many things, got more events lined out, and so on. It was a bit longer than normal, but still a good meeting. I noticed a few of the Brethren left the meeting using the "Bathroom Excuse", but seemed to come back with cake, or tomato sauce on their faces, or the corner of their mouth (OK, kidding here).
    Some time back, it was noticed we were having cold cuts, pizza, or "store bought" fried chicken a lot. Then someone brought some real homemade Hot Dogs with Kraut and other fixin's. Then Chicken and Dumplin's, and now this. I'm afraid we may start having called meetings, just to eat!! Next it is said we will have a good homemade stew, or some chili (the recipe taken from this site I am told).
    We will be having our Christmas Dinner on Dec. 12 at 7:00 P.M. Bro. LJ is in charge of that, and will be posting more here as he gets it ready. We hope any Brethren on here who are able to will join us for the evening. It will be open to Mason's, wives and families, Widow's, and those who have not visited in a while. Again, this has the making of a meal that will be hard to beat, so come on along, and be Portly with LJ :)

    That Linson Lady sure can cook!!!
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  2. RedTemplar

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    This sounds a lot like my Lodge! We look for any excuse we can to cook. And it shows.
  3. Bill Lins

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    I sure hope you mean December 12th! :wink:
  4. HKTidwell

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    You know the saying when Masons meet they eat. :biggrin:
  5. ljlinson1206

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    Yes Brother Bill, he means December 12. Also, I laughed so hard about being portly that I almost pee'd myself a little!!!!

    The Christmas Dinner is listed in the up coming events section of this site. Brother JTM stated that he was going to be there since he is only 20 miles away in College Station. He will be held to that, and cannot use the excuse of not having a ride because we WILL come get you if needed.

    Thanks Hippie for all the compliments, my wife appreciated them.
  6. Hippie19950

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    Sorry about the WRONG date. I was still full and sleepy I guess.... I made a change, and hope all will join us DECEMBER 12th.

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