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    I don't know if anyone has realized this yet, but Google Books offers an extreme amount of information for folks willing to read pdfs.

    Do a search, like on Robert Burns at Google Books
    then on the left column, click Public Domain.

    On that you can find his complete works as a downloadable or browse-able and searchable file. The complete works of Robert Burns ... - Google Books

    You can do the same with other masons like Rudyard Kipling and Mark Twain.

    It gets more interesting when you search for Albert Pike and get Morals and Dogma and his other writings. The same with Mackey and others. Searching for Freemasonry and related terms gets you a host of historic writing. You can also get some with "Full View" that aren't in the public domain (although they are, it's just the person who made it available won't release their work of compiling it)

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