Grand Hailing Sign of Distress

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  1. Bro. David F. Hill

    Bro. David F. Hill David F. Hill Premium Member

    I have a hypothetical question for the forum; when we are raised, we are told that if we see someone giving the sign of distress or hear the plea for help, we are to stop and render aid if at all possible. So what would happen if we stop to help and find out that the person is of the opposite affiliation or notice it before we stop. Since there is not yet mutual visiting or communication privileges yet, how should it be handled. To me, it is easy, I would help but not sure how others would react or even if there is a rule (written or unwritten) addressing this.
  2. chancerobinson

    chancerobinson Registered User

    I would provide assistance as requested, and afterward should the opportunity arise we might discuss affiliations. If I find out the individual is of an "opposite affiliation" or "notice it before I stop" this would only affect my ability to communicate masonically, but would not affect my willingness to extend a helping hand. "The Fatherhood of God, and the Brotherhood of [all] men."

    As for a rule? I would guess that I am only required to extend certain obligations to "recognized jurisdictions," but that wouldn't stop me.
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  3. chauffe

    chauffe Premium Member

    You should stop and help the person from whom they emanate not the mason not the brother the person that's how I feel about it
  4. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson Registered User

    I'd stop and help, absolutely. I'd sure hope that nobody asked to see my dues card if I was in a position where I had to give the GHSoD.
  5. LukeD

    LukeD Registered User

    I would definitely stop and help
    the brother in distress. The who's who would come after. If our recognition with each other is questionable, I would simply avoid talking about any Masonic topic I feel would be a violation of my OB. There is endless general Masonic topics we could discuss without violating any rules. Help and friendship are not limited by the List of Regular Lodges Masonic, only visitation.
  6. Bro.BruceBenjamin

    Bro.BruceBenjamin Premium Member

    I render aid to those in need mason or not once I ask and you answer in the affirmitive.
  7. Jamesb

    Jamesb Registered User

    I hope this in a time of distress that no one asks for my dues card before helping me.
  8. MikeMay

    MikeMay Premium Member

    If I see someone giving the sign and I ask if they need help and they answer in the affirmative then I'm helping them. Giving aid comes first, affiliation discussions can come later. We can talk about many things in masonry without violating our obligations and I'm not going to withhold aid to anyone that asks. If I don't have the ability to help I'll see to it that someone can...because if I'm in their position I would not want to be ignored or refused.
  9. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member


    After all, we're all human beings ... aren't we?

    Gentlemen, do we not remember the Golden Rule? Yo, last time I checked it was one of the principle tendents of freemasonry ... and humanity.


    Seriously, I know most of the brethren on this site are of like mind. But the proposed rhetorical question is still out there. Hopefully, it does make those who either pause or have a different take very uncomfortable ... that's where growth and more light develop.
  10. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    There's a rule brother. You can read of it in the FIVE BOOKS (3000-plus years old from China), the sacred scriptures of most every religion world wide. We sometimes call it the Golden Rule. It has something to do with humanity itself. Far too many jokers out there are either unaware or have hardened themselves to the obvious.
  11. LukeD

    LukeD Registered User

    I guess I missed something. Every Brother on here said they would stop and render aid. Whether they would engage in Masonic communication with the person is a different question. However, I totally agree, the golden rule applies. I'm cautious in nature, but I will always help someone out.
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  12. Scotty32

    Scotty32 Registered User

    Without question, give aid.
    It also would not hurt to render aid even if the sign is not given. A PHA Mason stopped on the side
    of the road one time & helped me put on my spare tire because he saw my S&Q sticker on my truck.
    Brotherly love, relief, & truth should have no jurisdictional barriers.
  13. choppersteve03

    choppersteve03 Premium Member

    this question albeit hypothetical, is a bit ludicris, we all know that who ever is giving it we must help within our cable tow. widows and orphans included. so mote it be.
  14. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    Without hesitation or question, I would aid in the relief of ANY Brother giving the Sign!!

    In addition, it is my strong opinion that whilst some may be classified Mainstream, Prince Hall Affiliate, Regular, or Irregular; Just because my Grand Lodge may prohibit me from communicating with Masonicly, DOES NOT mean that you as a Mason are any less of a Brother or Human! I greet all Masons upon the Level!

    So Mote It Be!!
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  15. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    Remember brethren, that Golden Rule is the third and unifying line of the triangle. You are doing the right thing.
  16. Kevin Arnold

    Kevin Arnold Registered User

    I would like to take the time and share a real life experience where I actually used the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress! I was just raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on June 29th 2016. My Wife and I travelled to Beaufort South Carolina to see my Stepson Thomas Graduate from the Marines Boot Camp at Parris Island. On August 18th 2016 it was Family Day at Parris Island and we were suppose to meet him for the first time in 13 weeks. But around 3am I told my wife to drop me off at the Beaufort Hospital due to a major Diverticulitis attack. I told my wife to take the rented car and just go with out me, I didn't want her to miss out on the Family Day event. I thought I was going to be here for most if not all of the day, but at 7am all testing was done and I was released, not wanting to bother my wife and ruin her day and running short on money I decided to walk the 3 miles back to the Motel, not realizing that I was all shot up with painkillers. I made it about a half mile, the Painkillers wore off and I could barely walk. I didn't know where I was to describe to a Taxi Company, I wasn't sure what to do. Then it dawned on me I'm now a Master Mason let me try the Grand Hailing Sign of Distress that I had just learned along the highway here. Sure enough after about 10 minutes a fellow Brother had turned around and called me over to his PU truck and first tested me and I gave him the EA Handshake to start off and once he was convinced I was a Master Mason he gladly gave me a ride back to the Motel. I know that I will always stop to help someone using the Grand Hailing Sign of distress and will always be loyal and faithful to a fellow brother and the Masonic ways! I did later recover with the help from a mild pain killer and some rest, I took a taxi to Parris Island and caught up with everyone but what an amazing story, never thought it would happen to me!
  17. Bloke

    Bloke Premium Member

    Nice thread which I've never read. Yesterday I assisted a lost "little old lady" ( from another city) navigate the train system by traveling with her to her destination. A Freemason should always assist others without the needs for no silly signs :) yep, just has too many ports at an excellent social :D
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  18. Matt L

    Matt L Site Benefactor

    A few years ago (before cell phones) on I-4 in Florida, I saw a man standing by the side of the road with his hands in the Master Masons Due Guard. I pulled over, asked him if he needed help. Turns out he was a Master Mason who's car had broken down. I passed it about 5 miles from where I found him. He was trying to get to a phone. I ended up taking him to his brother in-laws and had a nice meal before I started back on my journey.

    This man was also a PH Mason, my jurisdiction is one of the eight that doesn't recognize each other. I didn't care I saw a man in distress and offered to help.
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  19. Travelling Man91

    Travelling Man91 Registered User

    I dont understand why he used the DG instead of distress sign
  20. Kevin Arnold

    Kevin Arnold Registered User

    I have never heard of using the Due Guard in that manor.

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