Grand Lodge Innovation Solves Problem Plaguing Craft

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    Solving the seat of a problem takes some innovation...


    Buttsworth Vermont – In an unprecedented move unheard of throughout any recorded Freemasonic history, a Grand Lodge has made an innovation to the Craft that shall impact Freemasonry long into its future. Grand Lodge spokesman, Hiram Boca had this to say, “The problem has been growing since the decline in attendance that occurred shortly after the membership peak in 1959. With attrition taking a toll on meeting attendance, it was clear from even a cursory view that we were not having an impact on solving this problem through any corrective action we have taken so far.”

    What’s the problem you might ask? Seeking to interview some objective observers, the Grand Lodge sought out non-members who support the organization. They came across Constance Whiner, a member of an auxiliary Freemasonic organization, to provide an outsider' view. According to Grand Lodge sources, she had this to say, “Oh dear! It’s truly not my place to make comment on the goings on behind that huge guarded door. But I can tell you there’s a lot of complaining from the old timers coming out of meetings who shake their heads complaining about empty seats needing to be filled. I can only imagine that they see this as a problem.”

    And she appears to be in sync with what the Grand Lodge found coming from interviews with actual members. According to their research, without fail, each member they interviewed focused on the same issue, “Empty Seat and how to fill them”.

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    Lets have a chair bonfire!

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    LOL!!!!!!!! I liked Constance Whiner the best!
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    There's no fun or any community interactive things that anyone wants to do. Most of everyone who comes threw the blue lodge wants to be a shiner.

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