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Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by bupton52, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. bupton52

    bupton52 Moderator Premium Member

    When a potential candidate asks about becoming a mason, do you give him the option to join the other GL in the state? Is there any information that you give them to point them in the right direction?
  2. Brent Heilman

    Brent Heilman Premium Member

    I would. If we had a PHA Lodge in my town my suggestion would be before turning in the petition go to the other and see what you are most comfortable with and which suits your needs better. The option to attend either should be on the table for all potential candidates.
  3. Premium Member

    I agree with Mr. Heilman. Candidate should be provided with all the info you can provide and the choice should be theirs, made of their own freewill and accord.
  4. Bro. David F. Hill

    Bro. David F. Hill David F. Hill Premium Member

    When we have forums, we let the attendees know that they have a choice, that PH is not the only game in town, and encourage them to check both out.
  5. Blake Bowden

    Blake Bowden Administrator Staff Member

    The other Brethren pretty much summed it up. For a year or so, we really didn't know how to handle that very subject. In the end, we've begun to recommend that potential candidates research both sources of Freemasonry. We also feature links to both Grand Lodges under our "Resources" tab for quick access and links to Lodges in their area. There are also links to each of our Grand Lodge's official publications, both of which are available for download.

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