Happy Holidays Masons of Texas!

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    Happy Holidays to everyone! We all come from different backgrounds, varying worldviews, and current stations in life; however, no matter whether we are a part of a formal religion/tradition or were just born into celebrating this time of year, it is a great time of year to realize how much we share in common versus focusing on how different we might be. We all enter into this world the same way, and subsequently we all exit this world the same way. In life, we as humans seem to be willing to do very nasty things to each other during the (-). May each of us find a better and more inclusive way of dealing with the (-), so that each of us might find more happiness during the (-). Since none of us know how long our dash through life will be…please take a moment to step back and reflect on the commonality we all share – good and bad – during our dash through life.

    May you yourself, and life itself, treat each of you with the best possible thoughts, desires, and actions during this celebrated/sharedtime of the year!

    Happy Holidays Masons of Texas!
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    Thank you Ronald. Happy holidays to you, your
    Friends and family

    Widows Son
    Merritt Lodge #168
    Grand Lodge of AFAM of Canada in the province of Ontario
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    Happy Holidays. Please enjoy.

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