Happy New Year

Discussion in 'General Freemasonry Discussion' started by MMWoody, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. MMWoody

    MMWoody Registered User

    Happy New Year brothers. May you have good health, good money and good times!!
  2. Steve Cumbie

    Steve Cumbie Registered User

    yepper i agree and back at ya brother ! !
  3. Michaelstedman81

    Michaelstedman81 Premium Member

    Happy New Year to everyone!! I know that I am a little late on typing this, but with the holidays I haven't been the best MOT member and haven't been on here in a few weeks...lol

    I do gotta say though. This was the first time since I was 11 or 12 that I did not spend New Year's Eve with friends or family. Well, I did spend it with family, but not like normal and I'm sure I won't forget it. I moved into my new place during the morning of 31 December, and then for New Year's Eve I watched my sister's kids at my new place. We watched Espisodes 1-3 of Star Wars and we were all three passed out before 10 that night....lol Even though I wasn't up late enough to see the events on TV or do the countdown while out with friends and a lady on my arm, I had a really good time with the niece and nephew and hope that that means this year will be spent more with family than the last few years could provide :)

    Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    That's okay Brother Mike. It always ends up the same ... big ball down, glasses up.


    Happy New Year to everyone out there! May Light prevail!
  5. MikeMay

    MikeMay Premium Member

    Happy New Year to all the Brethren! May you find all the light you seek, and may peace and harmony prevail through out the new year!

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