Hebrew Alphabetical Numerals

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    Just a little snippet I ran across.

    Hebrew Alphabetical Numerals
    Compiled by Daniel Farhey

    In Hebrew and in ancient Greek, numerical values were assigned to the letters for counting purposes. For example:

    [​IMG] : Daleth (dahleht) = 4

    [​IMG] : Yod (yohd) = 10

    [​IMG] : Delta (Greek) = 4

    [​IMG] + [​IMG] = 14

    "Yod" is also the first letter of the original 'Ineffable Name' of G-d in Hebrew, and is sometimes used in religious volumes as an abbreviated equivalent. In nonreligious documents however, observant persons are concerned of using "Yod" to denote the 'Ineffable Name' and use instead the letter "Daleth" as a traditional equivalent.
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    Also, the alef bet is a collection of hieroglyphs or pictograms. Each letter or number picture can be interpreted in numerous ways and should be looked at from different angles.

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