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  1. Heirophant

    Heirophant Registered User

    Hello everybody,

    I currently reside in Texarkana Texas, and I'm debating on moving out to DENTON to attend UNT. Any advice on jobs, best places to hang, and a good lodge?

    Bro. Adrian (Heirophant)
  2. Bro. Stewart P.M.

    Bro. Stewart P.M. Lead Moderator Emeritus Staff Member

    I am not sure about the work and other stuff but I do know that Denton has a fairly active Lodge.
  3. Heirophant

    Heirophant Registered User

    I should prob. give them a call or drop in during a stated meeting. I'm curious to find out about Masons on the UNT campus.

    Thanks Bro. Stewart
  4. mrpesas

    mrpesas Registered User

    You should definitely swing by Rudy's BBQ while you are there. My wife and I ate at Rudy's all the time when we were at Texas Tech in Lubbock. Now we drive 30 minutes to eat at the one in Denton.
  5. jwhoff

    jwhoff Premium Member

    Brother I haven't been in Denton since the days of Mike Washington (late '70s.)

    Still, seeing that you meet the age requirements I am very much more than certain you will find your footing shortly upon arrival. It's just something folks your age are good about. Something folks my age can only reminis about; if they are lucky.:sneaky2:
  6. AMcClure

    AMcClure Registered User

    +1! One thing I miss from Austin, easy access to Rudy's. I too drive up to Denton from Ft. Worth just for it.

  7. fairmanjd

    fairmanjd Registered User

    Gentlemen, I am a man who loves good barbeque. While in Denton, ensure you stop in at The Smokehouse over on Ft Worth Drive. Its real good.
  8. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson Registered User

    also, the Greenhouse has live jazz and dollar shiner on mondays.
  9. Michaelstedman81

    Michaelstedman81 Premium Member

    I am moving to Denton in the next week or so and also will be attending UNT. I don't know too much about the job situation as I have been working as a Federal employee out in El Paso since about the time I got out of the Army in December 2009, and have pretty much only been looking for Federal jobs in the area (really hard to find and get). I wanted to move to Denton cause it was close to a family member I wanted to be near and also the school, so I gave up on only looking for Federal work and started looking in the private sector. I got a job at a hospital in Grapevine and only got it because my ex GF works there and told me about the position.

    But I can tell you that the Texas Workforce Center there in Denton was really great. I don't know if it was just because I am a veteran or not, but the service and help that I got there was great and would be a useful resource for finding work around there.

    As for where to hang, I think that Fry Street (I think that is how to spell it) is like the main drag of college bars. I went there a couple of weeks ago and it was pretty fun. I am out of the whole bar scene now, so I don't think that I will be spending most of the weeknights there..lol

    While there, I also did go sit with the lodge there in Denton. The Brothers there were more than welcoming and it was quite an experience. It does seem to be a pretty active lodge and there were several younger Masons. Both young in age and length of time involved with Masonry. I do look forward to becoming a member there when I get my move officially done.

    If you got any questions, shoot me a PM.

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    Oh, yea. And Rudy's is awesome...lol The first time I ate at a Rudy's was in El Paso and it was really good. As soon as I found out Denton had one, I bought some for my whole family and let them in on that little secret....lol Good luck on your decision!

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