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hello dear

Dan Davis

Registered User
Past master 4 times and past District Deputy for two years. Entering this forum as Master of the lodge this coming year I'm seeking good educational and simply explained topics for discussion.. we put initiates through and intense session and they are certainly overwhelmed for the most part and learn nothing of it's meaning on their particular night.. Returning to meetings and other degrees they begin to absorb and ask questions, not only of their coach but also the lodge. My first educational this year was concerning why we hold the St's John is such high regard.. It's a pretty simple answer to my way of thinking but I'm always looking for light. this next meeting I'm looking for the meaning if the skull and Cross bones and why it was used by so many. Of course it is a symbol of Memento Mori but it goes deeper than that.. any help would be appreciated. My next topic after that will be why exactly is the North always termed a place of darkness?