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Hello! New from Ohio


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My name's Mike from Eastern Ohio. I belong to two lodged-- Organist in one and Pianist in the other. I'm retired, so there is time for lodge involvement. Glad to be here!

Welcome Bro Organist ! Are pianos common in Lodge ? We never see them, always organs..

Keith C

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Welcome to the forum Brother!

My lodge has both a piano and an organ, but no one can play them, so . . .

Funny, we have an organ and no one who knows how to play. Last week after Lodge a couple of us were wondering if it actually works! We turned it on and low and behold if you press a key, sound comes out!


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Welcome Bro Organist ! Are pianos common in Lodge ? We never see them, always organs..
Organists are getting to be rare as hens' teeth. Masonic organists, even more so. I don't suppose there that many organs around either. I've seen more pianos and electronic keyboards. There are still some lodges with pipe organs in Ohio, but I don't know how many of them still play.

Keith C

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Not much longer and each Lodge will have their Spotify playlist for Lodge meetings.

We have an Organist in PA for Grand Lodge as well as a Soloist. One local Lodge I have been to has a piano and pianist. Otherwise no music in Blue Lodges around here.

For Chapter we have recordings from the Penn State Male Chorus for the songs associated with the 3 Degrees we confer in Chapter in PA,


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Welcome Michael ! The only piano I saw in a Lodge was the Lodge I attended in South Carolina that’s a rarity!