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    Hello Brothers,

    I hope you don't mind the shameless promotion, but I am posting this to introduce you to an app I have created, it is The Cable Tow it is available for Android and iPhones. there is a cost to the app, but all proceeds are being given to the Masonic Higher Education Bursary Fund of The Grand Lodge of Alberta.

    Beyond the promotion I am looking for assistance in expanding the information available in the app. The goal of the app is to have a complete directory of as many masonic lodges as possible. I am looking for contacts in other grand lodges willing to work with me to expand on the directory, which right now only contains Grand Lodge of Alberta, Grand Lodge of BC, and some lodges from Saskatchewan. I am also looking for masonic education papers I can include in the app. In exchange for the help I will provide anyone who helps with a code for a free copy of the app.

    Hope you don't mind the promotion, not trying to spam just looking to make my app as useful as possible.

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