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    We crossed from Arizona into New Mexico this afternoon on I-40 and the legendary "Mother Road" of Route 66. We crossed through downtown Santa Rosa, New Mexico late in the day and I spotted Liberty Lodge No. 51's Masonic hall from the 1940s right on the town square - a location that almost every early U.S. Masonic lodge once coveted, and far too many have fled in the last fifty years.

    Masonic hall in Santa Rosa, NM
    Since we're staying along this historic route all the way eastward to St. Louis, I'm wondering how many Masonic halls still remain in the Route 66 towns along the way? (I do know about the historic Elk City Lodge 182 room in Elk City, Oklahoma at the National Route 66 Old Town Museum location, but I'm danged if I can find a web page, contact info, or even photos of anything but the door.)

    I should have asked this back in Arizona, but I didn't. I did swing past Chalcedony Lodge No. 6 in the fun town of Holbrook, Arizona two nights ago - just around the corner a few blocks from the kitschy and world-famous Wigwam Motel - but no one was around.

    Chalcedony Lodge No. 6, Holbrook, AZ
    If you read this message this weekend and can point me at the Masonic halls or significant Masonic sites on the Route 66 road in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma or Missouri, please pass it along to me as either a response with the form below, directly to my email at, my Facebook page, or to my Facebook Messenger account.



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