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    My name is Arijan and im freelance writer, songwriter and buisnisman, 21 years old,im also all the time acctive in this forum i have learn much and i like this forum is very hopeful i am from Macedonia, Europe i just recived my e-Mail from GLoM that i was exacly waiting for much longer time meaby 2 months and yestrday the answer comed right in place... they said me i must send my personal informations in that e-Mail, to apply for the waiting to be interviewet, by the way i dont know exacly do my apply formular will be acepted i am searching for a brother in macedonia, europe to help me to apply freemasonry, if anyone knows smone or there is any other forum or smthin like it please help me!?

    this is my personal contact:
    tel nr: 0041/795842202 (CH)
    Don'Shakespeate Art's
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