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  1. Bro. Donnie Brunswick

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    whats the rule concerning an ea leaving the lodge he joined and move to another lodge
  2. Joey

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    I believe that it's ok as long as you get a demit and letter of good standing from the lodge. Then you will be able to join another Lodge of your choice.
  3. TCShelton

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    Yeah, your current lodge has to vote to approve the transfer of your petition.
  4. Wingnut

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    Right you cant demit because you arent a MM so you have to get a release to join the new lodge. In most cases the gaining lodge will do courtesy degrees instead and then once your raised you its easier to change lodges. I seem to recall though that if you were over your 1 year there is something different that has to be done. In most cases you would have to turn in your EA profic. then petition for the advancement in the degrees, an investigation committee assigned etc then a vote of the lodge. This may make transferring more difficult. Luckily, thats why we pay the Secretary's the big bucks for the outstanding jobs they do!
  5. owls84

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    Basically what Bro. Wyndell has stated is correct. If you are truly not happy with the Lodge or just want to move. I would contact the Secretary of the Lodge you want to move to. I believe a waiver of jurisdiction is all that is needed since you are not a Master Mason.
  6. js4253

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    I think this might apply.

    Art. 446. (476g). Certificate of Dismissal. A Lodge, by
    unanimous favorable vote, taken at a stated meeting, either by
    ballot or show of hands at the discretion of the Master presiding
    may grant to one of its EA’s or FC’s, who has not been rejected by
    ballot or protest after receiving the last degree, and against whom
    no charges are pending, a Certificate of Dismissal recommending
    him for advancement. The issue of said Certificate of Dismissal
    shall be mandatory when E.A., F.C., or M.M. Degree work has not
    been set by the Lodge within time set by Grand Lodge Law from
    the time exclusive personal jurisdiction has been acquired by the
    Lodge. Upon the granting of such certificate the Lodge thereby
    loses personal jurisdiction over him and his name shall be dropped
    from its rolls. He, thereupon, becomes an unaffiliated E.A. or F.C.
    and further jurisdiction over him is territorial, and governed by
    the provisions of Article 441.
  7. owls84

    owls84 Moderator Premium Member

    I believe you are correct. I forgot about that form. Thank you. I do believe the other lodge would still have to file for a Waiver of Jurisdiction still.
  8. owls84

    owls84 Moderator Premium Member

    I would like to give you an idea of the look of the forms. These must be filled out and SEALED by the Lodge Secretary.

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