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    Has anyone else had an issue with getting a head in the Scottish Rite, because its a hierarchy? I have been a member for over 10 years. I served as chairman of the Tiling and Reception committee for many years, I am a Past Master of my lodge and I belong to several other organizations. Including being a member of the DeMolay International Supreme Council. I participate in degree work and even put some time in working in the business office. I was honored to be bestowed with the KCCH in 2006. However, I have never been nominated to start in the bottom of the line in any of the bodies of the Scottish Rite. Ordinarily I would say it was because I still didn't have the time in yet, but in the last two elections members have been nominated that haven't been in as long and some had only recently received their red cap and one only has a black cap. It just seems that the powers that be are just putting forward their buddies and the people they are pushing for higher offices in other organizations. It has nothing to do with the work or time you have put into the Rite. I have done nothing to anger anyone to turn them against me. In fact I was praised for the work I put into working in the office. It just seems there should be a fairer way to nominate people and some sort of qualifications. I don't see why someone would want to belong to an organization that they have no hope of advancing in. As for me, I don't intend on going back for the foreseeable future.
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    Plenty of brothers join bodies without intending to advance. I like being a member of at least one body where I just show up and enjoy the fellowship when I do.

    If that's why you joined AASR it does make sense to take a partial break. Let them know that you'll attend regularly but that your positions in other bodies have you busy so until it's time to enter one of the progressive lines you'll need to be just a regular attender plus continue to serve of the degree team but not learn new positions. Maybe they'll miss your work and think for their own purposes they want that to happen again. If it's about self serving approaches, may as well play that game in a sort of detached busy elsewhere way. Extra credit for being able to cite the chapter of the Tao Te Ching that contains this advice. ;^)

    I thought most AASR bodies were hurting for brothers willing to serve in the line the way so many blue lodges are experiencing the same? The rush of degrees at the blue lodge level does now mean there's a waiting list to enter the progressive line in some lodges while others are still hurting for officers. If that rush has now reached valleys to the point they have more willing brothers than members of their 4 progressive lines, that's a good sign for the long term health of Masonry. Be Zen about it and revel in that!
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    I thought we joined "Freemasonry" for what we could give, not just to get covered with praise and honors? I am getting a little dissolutioned after twenty of so years, I have seen men become masons then join everything possible just for points so they can attain 'higher' status. Look at yourselves and what you can do for your craft Lodge first where masonry has it's roots.

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    I agree. I do the things I do in the lodge, AASR and YR because I very much enjoy it. If I advance, great. If not then I am still having a great time.
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    My Valley has a pretty large membership. I have only been a member since last month and attended my first meeting four nights ago so am not sure about how tough it is to move up. I guess I will find out. If it happen, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't.
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    I can think of a few different chapters of the Tao Te Ching that reflect on right ruling, doing without doing etc. but am very curious which chapter you had in mind here.
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    The context was to secure respect in the face of resistance to entering the progressive line.


    Water fills the lowest points, so serve at the bottom of the hierarchy -

    The highest excellence is like (that of) water. The excellence
    of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying,
    without striving (to the contrary), the low place which all men
    dislike. Hence (its way) is near to (that of) the Tao.

    The excellence of a residence is in (the suitability of) the place;
    that of the mind is in abysmal stillness; that of associations is in
    their being with the virtuous; that of government is in its securing
    good order; that of (the conduct of) affairs is in its ability; and
    that of (the initiation of) any movement is in its timeliness.

    And when (one with the highest excellence) does not wrangle (about
    his low position), no one finds fault with him.

    Treat service as accomplishment -

    When one is about to take an inspiration, he is sure to make a
    (previous) expiration; when he is going to weaken another, he will
    first strengthen him; when he is going to overthrow another, he will
    first have raised him up; when he is going to despoil another, he will
    first have made gifts to him:--this is called 'Hiding the light (of
    his procedure).'

    The soft overcomes the hard; and the weak the strong.

    Fishes should not be taken from the deep; instruments for the
    profit of a state should not be shown to the people.

    Success does not need title and title does not mean success -

    The Tao in its regular course does nothing (for the sake of
    doing it), and so there is nothing which it does not do.

    If princes and kings were able to maintain it, all things would of
    themselves be transformed by them.

    If this transformation became to me an object of desire, I would
    express the desire by the nameless simplicity.

    Simplicity without a name
    Is free from all external aim.
    With no desire, at rest and still,
    All things go right as of their will.

    Those are the ones I had in mind at the time.
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    I have recently experienced the same thing. I joined the York Rite this year and went through with three other people. One of those has not participated in any way after going through the degrees. Once through the Chapter he has not attended a single meeting, the same with the Council. We were inducted into the Knights Templar at the beginning of this month and I'll bet that he will not attend any of these future meetings either. As a rather new MM I asked a more experienced brother about this. He refered to the man in question as a "title collector". He went on to explain that these are people that join Masonic organizations only to get a title to add after their name but with no intention of being active in the organization.

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