How has Freemasonry effected your daily life outside of the Lodge?

Discussion in 'Philosophy, Religion and Spirituality' started by jweium, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. jweium

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    I am currently a college student ready to graduate in Philosophy. The courses that I have taken for Philosophy has effected me in various ways by integration such as Metaphysics, logic, Axial Heritage, ethics, to name a few. These courses have helped me understand Freemasonry so much better by opening my mind. Although my courses did not talk about Freemasonry whatsoever, I used them to understand it better by applying it. So what is your story whether it comes to philosophy or religion outside of your lodge? How has it improved you as a human being? Has it caused you to be in search of more or less light with Freemasonry?
  2. Benton

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    I find myself thinking of it on a daily basis, even when there are no upcoming lodge events. More than anything, the ring on my finger affects me. While I wear it, I represent 300+ years of brothers, and my actions reflect on their actions. When people see me, I could persuade or dissuade from petitioning my lodge purely by how I carry myself in society. This has me constantly catching myself in my actions, reminding myself of our virtues and obligations. I wish to represent my brothers well and fulfill our duties, particularly the moral ones, as best as I humanly can for a variety of reasons. That's how Masonry has affected *my* life outside of lodge.
  3. rhitland

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    That is a tough one to answer because I find masonry drizzling into every corner of my life. I lost a bolt in the shop the other day and turned the place upside down trying to find it untill I threw my arms up in disgust. I sat quitely for about 20 seconds and it hit me to ask for help because my strength and wisdom for finding that bolt had failed so I bowed my head and asked God to help me find the bolt and within less than a minute my eyes had ben lead to the bolts hiding place, which had rolled between the wall and I would have never found without help. Masonry taught me to ask for help even in these mondane moments of life. The craft has certianly creadted a desire for light but it is hard to place into words the huge effect it has had on me.
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  4. choppersteve03

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    since entering the craft, i have a feeling of a boundless flow of love and light inside me. it helps me as a father, husband and it helps me to carry myself as a mason. iam proud to be a mason and i wouldnt, no i couldnt imagin my life with out it. it feels alien to me thinking about all the years i wasnt a mason, being a mason feels like home, and you know what brothers? I AM HOME. much love to all of you.
  5. Beathard

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    Life outside of masonry? Really? Masonry is life; life is masonry. Can't separate the two...
  6. JohnnyFlotsam

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    I was thinking the very same thing.
    To expand a bit, it's humbling; having your mind opened up enough to realize how much more there is to learn.
  7. khilles

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    It has definitely made me a better person. I think of others well beings and actually find so much joy and helping others. I have always been that way its just been amplified now. When in public i make sure to carry myself like a mason should. Square my actions is something i remind myself consistently.

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