How to bring masons back to ladge

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  1. eagle1966

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    Has anyone heard of a "Rusty Nail' degree of night? If so how does/did it work and what were the results?

    I saw this on another website and just wondered if anyone had seen or been apart of one?
  2. Jon D. Smith

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    Never heard of it. Interesting reading though...

    I would like to think that our particular Blue Lodge makes it abundantly clear that we do not judge a man harshly because he is not able to fluently remember everything. There is neither laughing, smirking nor ridicule. In fact, it’s a very supportive environment that we have.
    This doesn’t mean that some might not be nervous if they had not been into the Lodge in years. We have to make sure that we periodically reach out to those who do not come in for long periods just to “touch baseâ€, make sure things are going well for our Brothers and ensure that they know their joining us is something we always wish for and welcome.

    It is food for thought though...
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    Mesa #68 in New Mexico practices the Rusty Nail with good results, they also have a brother with a large passenger van that goes around and picks up the brothers that are unable to drive at night. Both seemed like good efforts to keep the older men involved.

    -Bro Vick
  4. Excellent point Vic. In my experience the success of this program is directly proportional to the level of transportation that is offered. 90% of the lack of OT attendance is due to "can't drive at night." This is easier for smaller lodges but get a pin on a map of those who cant drive at night and ask around at dinner, "Who drives by this street?" I'll bet you dollars to donuts that at least two active members of your lodge unknowingly drive right by the home of a member who would attend if he could get a ride.

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